Yoga Classes

Join us in our daily Yoga Classes, Ubud (Bali), in the open air shala located in the countryside, away from the hustle of town.

Yoga Classes Bali

We provide Yoga Classes specially for our retreat guests. Typically Yoga is best done in the morning before breakfast, and practitioners get to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air from the padi fields. Breathe in the fresh air…. breathe out all the stress and worries….

Practice Yoga in a traditional Indonesian pondok (pavilion) built above the middle of the padi fields, where it gives you the feel of being outdoors yet shielded from the harsh sunlight. Beginners to advanced levels welcomed to our Yoga Classes, Bali.

Premium yoga mats, high quality blocks and belts are provided.

Class Descriptions

Align and Flow

Focus is on proper alignment of postures and have a balance between a good flow and some static poses using throat breathing as guide to achieve perfection of alignment.

Ashtanga Basics

Traditional style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, which comprises of Sun Salutations A and B, Standing Flow, Seated poses with vinyasa (flow) in between postures and finishing sequence. Emphasis is placed on ujjayi breath, vinyasa (the flow between postures), dristi (the eye gaze for each pose) and bandha (internal locks). A step by step instruction and cues are provided on the basics of the series with the focus on individual development.

Suitable for both beginners and intermediates.

Classic Hatha

This class usually begins with the Classical Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) followed by balancing poses to assist in developing one-pointed attention. One can expect to increases spine mobility and muscle strength flexibility using yoga poses through long holding. The practice ends with gentle inversions designed to move prana (life force) upwards through the energy centers of the body.

Gentle Flow and Meditation

Highly relaxing and simple postures (asanas), taking long deep breaths using belly breathing.  Participants will merge with nature’s wonders and spirits

Gentle Vinyasa

Vinyasa is flow with a series of postures designed to improve strength. Usually, the focus is on standing poses with development of the muscles of the legs and using thoracic breathing as our guide.

Invigorating Hatha

Poses that lengthen the spine and limbs.  Some back bends are incorporated to improve strength of the back muscles.  The class ends with pranayama techniques that help to make your day a sweet one.  Participants will truly enjoy this energy at the end of the class.

Kundalini and Meditation

Kundalini energy is activated for reasons to help people realise themselves and their mental and physical actions.  It brings forth a dawn of a new era for those seeking new meaning towards their actions.  Involves concentration with simple asanas and dynamic pranayama.

Power Vinyasa

In this hard core class, participants can expect to get a real workout.  Breath is more thoracic and sometimes clavicular with dynamic poses and arm balances.

Pranayama and Meditation

Different techniques of pranayama and dhyana is taught to bring us to the state of meditation.  People love this class due to the connection with environment and slowly detaching away from it.

Restorative Yoga Nidra

Good for those who have issues sitting still, insomnia, restlessness and no direction in life.  It helps to circulate blood throughout the brain. Also helps to still monkey mind and crazy involuntary movements of the limbs.

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