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Pamper yourself with a wide range of face and body treatments and let the healing hands of our therapists bring you into the state of ultimate relaxation ideal for your mind and body. We have the most diverse team of wellness specialists, specialties, and hours of operation available in Tirisula Bali.  Our focus is alternative health care designed to correct your soft tissue issues.


Traditional Balinese massage techniques include acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, firm and gentle stroking, percussion, and application of herbal oils. The combination of manual therapy and aromatherapy is intended not only to relax the patient and loosen fascial restrictions, but to stimulate the lymphatic system and the flow of blood and prana.

Traditional Balinese 60′    IDR 200,000
Traditional Balinese 90′    IDR 250,000

Swedish massage techniques vary from light to vigorous. Swedish massage uses five styles of strokes. The five basic strokes are gliding, kneading ,rhythmic tapping, friction (cross fiber or with the fibers) and vibration/shaking. Swedish massage has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness.

Swedish 60′  IDR 200,000
Swedish 90′  IDR 250,000
* Top up IDR 50,000 for aromatherapy essential oils

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu means finger pressure and its techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, feet and palms. The massage involves assisted stretching, joint manipulation and mobilisation.

Shiatsu 60′  IDR 200,000
Shiatsu 90′  IDR 250,000

Lymphatic Drainage massage is great for detoxification where very gentle, light strokes are applied following the direction of the lymphatic drainage system and light pulses to the lymph nodes are applied to speed up the flow of the lymphatic circulation, and hence to detoxify the toxins that are stored in the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Drainage massage 60′  IDR 200,000
Lymphatic Drainage massage 90′  IDR 250,000

Deep Tissue Massage helps to release tight muscles, knots and tensions. Stronger pressure and strokes are applied to reach deeper layers of muscles.

Deep Tissue 60′   IDR 250,000
Deep Tissue 90′   IDR 300,000

Quick Fix Add Ons


Foot Massage 30′   IDR 90,000
Foot Massage 60′   IDR 180,000
Foot Soak +  Scrub + Massage 60′    IDR 200,000

Head, Neck and Shoulder

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30′   IDR 90,000
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage 60′   IDR 180,000

Body Scrub And Bath

Body Scrub and foot bath   60′   IDR 200,000

Choose from the list of body scrub ingredients and the type of foot soak you desire for an indulgence experience.

Body Scrub Ingredients

  1. Turmeric and coconut oil
  2. Coffee and milk (Cafe Latte)
  3. Sea salt and lemongrass oil
  4. Sugar and yoghurt

Foot Bath Soak

  1. Floral Bath
  2. Citrus Bath
  3. Honey and Lemon Bath

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