There are 3 things we already know about our ego:
1. Uncontrolled our ego can make our lives miserable. It can turn the most beautiful of experiences into a vacuum of doubt, uncertainty & fear.
2. The energy we invest into that fear can manifest its occurrence into reality. This is when we meet our greatest worries whether it’s our fear of running out of money or failing to meet an expectation in our everyday life.
3. The evidence provided by this manifested fear is fuel to the ego, transforming a niggling voice to a roar of “I told you so’s.”

So how do we step off this crazy, ego inspired, roller coaster ride through life? Well, to begin with we notice that it is crazy. That it is not real, here are a few tips on how to do that.

We live in a world of polarities, of darkness and light, of love and fear and the soul and the ego. Everything has its balance, if you are seeking to balance your ego, then you need to establish a connection with your soul. Establishing a mediation and yoga practice is a good place to start.

A very useful practice is start becoming aware of your ego. Notice when your ego is the loudest, when its shouting at you or when it’s a quiet whisper. Take note of the situations in your life that trigger the seemingly automatic responses of fear, uncertainty or anger. The sores spots that the ego loves to pick out are truly hotspots of learning and trapped potential. Imagine how would your life be different if you reacted to this situation from a higher perspective of yourself?

When you start to notice this pattern or samskara, the trick is to avoid reacting with frustration, or self-criticism (because yep- that’s the ego just talking about itself). What do you get when you mix only the ugly shades together? A ugly color that is of no use to anyone.

Instead, acknowledge your ego’s presence. Mine seems to shut up for a bit when I say “Hi!” (I don’t recommend doing this out loud). When I send, it love it gets even quieter. It doesn’t seem to know how to react to an “I love you”. Try it yourself and see. I went a step further and even named my ego after a beloved pet (Felix). Because I wanted to send my ego love but remind myself (and it) that I am still the boss. This makes it easier when my ego starts interfering with my yoga practice, I have a name of who to direct my “shhh!!” too.

Treat your ego as you would a friend who you love dearly, but have learnt to feel compassionate amusement rather than alarm over the dramas that they constantly create. Treat it with love, for it is part of you and all of you deserves love and compassion. But don’t listen to the endless chatter or the big stories that it creates. For each time, you do you will grow a little bit smaller.