Every experience we have in life is completely individual, unique and filtered through our own perceptions. Twenty thousand people could attend the same concert and at the end of the concert there would be 20 000 different experiences of that same concert.

This is never more true than when you practice yoga. Whether you are in a crowded yoga class of 80 or are practicing on your own; your experience of the asanas of your breathe, is completely unique and variable depending on how you think and feel in that moment.

We need to remember this when we catch find ourselves slipping into judgment or comparisons. When we slip away from our breathe and into our ego; remind yourself that: Your experience of yoga is completely yours.

No one else has experienced that asana in your body with its own unique history. Empower yourself by really feeling into your own experience and deciding for yourself whether if it feels good or not. Decide for yourself If you need to make modifications or choose an entirely different posture. Catch yourself when you start comparing yourself to others or judging yourself about how you feel, labelling your experience right or wrong.

The more that we can make empowered decisions in your yoga practice. Working and playing according to your own style, pace & energy levels; the easier it will be to listen to your feelings and honor your body in all its glory in all the other areas of your life. Enjoy 😊