Face it. It’s inevitable. No matter how long we avoid the nature of existence, it will eventually catch up. We often find ourselves in a rut and beat ourselves for things that happened. Well, guess what? It’s never your fault. Rarely do we have time to analyse the reason for it. There are occasions where you can’t find grasp, so your subconscious mind reacts to it in a negative notion.

Unfortunately, most of us do not see the power of hardship. Little do we know that It can actually manifest into a person whom you never thought you’ll become. It is never easy, of course. But in actuality, the problem mainly lies with ‘Time’. There are thousands of excuses we could give ourselves but most of us find ‘Time’ to be relatively limited. Especially when we are living in a metropolitan world.

Finding time is everywhere, you could be out in a park or basically on your toilet seat. While we busy setting other priorities, why don’t we start prioritising time for ourselves? If we could spare that moment to contemplate on past occurrences that flashed through your life, we could actually find answers as to WHY it happened. We’ll soon realise, all of that grieving was only to shape our today.

Now, take a moment to breathe in the goodness of our today and exhale all the things that no longer serves us. Every waking moment of our lives forward becomes a moment of contemplation, it elevates our willingness to strive greater and move forward.

Soon enough, we’ll start to notice the lightness of life, in due ‘Time’.