Career Opportunities

We invite you to explore the following opportunities to work with Tirisula Bali. We are obsessed with creating a healthy work/life balance and embodying what we teach on retreat in our own lives.  We aim to create a working experience that honours our free spirited nature as well our deep desire to feel part of a growing team and inspiring community.

“Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.”

Chief Guest Relations

What Will I Be Doing?

This position focuses on customer service and builds partnerships with other departments to ensure that guests’ needs are attended to promptly

To be the main point of contact for the guests upon arrival till departure and handle their queries throughout their stay. 

Give a warm welcome to guests on arrival and register them as well as issuing room keys by using the appropriate standards

Be efficient in assisting guests throughout their stay with any requirements, handling guest feedback, provide direction and give suggestions

Handling guests’ mails and messages, and answering phone calls

Meet, greet, room and send VIPs

Attend daily briefings and relevant departmental and interdepartmental meetings

Maintains the privacy of all guests by ensuring that no details of the guests are disclosed to anybody

Be aware of fire and emergency procedure

Be vigilant in regard to in-house credit matters and act upon any discrepancies

Familiar with Indonesian culture is essential as your job scope

Good knowledge with locations of embassies, air line offices, hospitals, places of interests

Takes ownership of guest concerns, by following-up and ensuring complaints are resolved to the guest’s satisfaction

What Qualities Are We looking for?


Creative nature

Proactive and quick to react

Good guest interaction skills

Good listening skills

Sound decision making

Good interpersonal and communication skills

Leadership/People management

Fluency in English and ideally knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia

Holistic Chef

The Holistic Chef is responsible for producing foods in the theory and practice of variety of plant-based cooking styles including holistic, vegetarian, vegan and raw & living foods.

 What will I be doing?

Responsible for recipe creation and menu innovation foods based in plant-based cooking styles including holistic, Ayurvedic, vegetarian, vegan and raw & living foods.

Plans, coordinates and supervises the work activity throughout the day. Determines production and ensures the accuracy, quality and consistency of foods. Ensures proper storage and labelling of food.

Establish and maintain a positive, professional relationship with co-workers through effective, accurate, timely, and reliable communication and action.

Additional duties may be assigned.

Must be able to work in a fast pace environment.

Occasional environmental exposures to cold, heat, and water.

Ability to lift on occasion for logistics. 

Must be able to read and understand basic cooking directions.

Follow direction and preparation lists as outlined by kitchen management.

Clean, sanitise and inspect all areas maintained by the kitchen staff on a daily basis and as needed.

Qualities We Look For

Thorough experience in cooking and skilful knowledge of healthy, holistic/natural-based cuisines.

Be able to write exciting, appealing menus that change daily and reflect seasonal offerings.

Display a passion for food and cooking and be self-motivated.

Have at least 2 years cooking experience, with at least one (1) of those years with lead or equivalent title.

Computer literate with a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.

Basic understanding of professional cooking and knife handling skills.

Be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to staff, peers, supervisors, guests and client.

Familiarity with raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, and whole grain recipes and products.

Knowledge of local products, producers, and farms.

Yoga Teacher

What will I be doing?

Lead group classes. The main duty for yoga instructors is to create a curriculum and lead groups through various levels and types of yoga practice.

This can include doing administrative work for the class, getting equipment together and getting to know what participating clients want.

Demonstrate practice and technique. As the expert, you’ll use your body to show the correct way to get into poses, the most beneficial breathing patterns, and tips for achieving spiritual wellness.

Offer adjustments and training recommendations. Not all of your students will be as experienced as you, so you’ll need to gently adjust their bodies, provide them with alternative poses and assist them with other parts of their fitness regimens.


Physical fitness and yoga knowledge.

It goes without saying that you’ll have to be in good shape to demonstrate good yoga technique and offer instruction at advanced levels. The more you’ve learned about different yoga series, the more you can offer to your clients and employers.

Excellent communication.

The most important role of a yoga instructor is explaining how to move the body and what this movement should feel like. You’ll need the language and personality to connect with your clients.

Motivational skills.

Yoga can be a physical and mental struggle, so be ready to push and challenge your students, as well as encourage and congratulate them.

Qualitiies We look for

Two years experience as a Yoga Teacher

One year supervisory experience preferred

CPR/AED certification

Registered Yoga Instructor 500 hour level (RYT-500) or equivalent experience required

Ability to build relationship with members

Excellent communication and people skills

Excellent customer service and promotional skills, energetic, enthusiastic and motivational

Ability to resolve conflicts in a professional, tactful manner

Excellent physical fitness

Result orientated with a positive outlook and commitment to quality

Ability to coach, develop staff, and foster a team environment

Ability to lead and motivate a group class

Documents to submit:

Yoga Instructor 500 hour level (RYT-500) Certification
Portfolio of Asanas
Include CV

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