200hr Yoga Teacher Training

If you want to commit to yourself live stress, anxiety and tension free, you may want to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Anyone will benefit from such a programme. Though this sadhana (disciplined and dedicated practice or learning) requires effort, sweat and moving out of your comfort zone, this cross-cultural study and practice will help deepen your understanding and compassion to the people who live around us.

Our comprehensive programme covers everything you need to know to be an informed, compassionate and skilled yoga instructor. Experience yourself in new ways through asana practice, in-depth studies of anatomy and yoga philosophy, with live sharing sessions and inspiring stories from our Master Trainers.

Experience the teachings of our Master Teachers with live sharing sessions and in-depth truths about the history and evolution of yoga, and also its in this modern world.  Besides the asanas, there is a strong focus on the other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga (also known as Rāja Yoga) such as pranayama, dharana (concentration) amidst nature and delving into dhyana (meditation) in the spiritual land of Bali.

Healthy vegetarian to recover your energy during and after each day.  Juice, smoothies, salads etc at so many healthy vegan/raw/vegetarian cafes nearby.

Course fees without accommodation

USD 2600 (Early bird, register 8 weeks before the start date of the course)

USD 3400 (Usual fees)


Accommodation and breakfast package for students

Inclusive of

  • 26 nights of accommodation and breakfast
  • Airport transfers

Add USD 1100/person for double sharing and USD 2200/person for single room

We have a restaurant in the resort and lunch and dinner can be pre-ordered. The typical price is around USD 5 to 10 per meal (depending on if your order for example drinks, appetisers, desserts)

Graduates of our 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training programme command a higher starting salary or private class fees due to the impressive standards set by our Yoga Master trainers.

Our graduates are viewed as premium teachers in the industry, inspiring students with attention to detail, proper alignment and steady breath patterns.


Practical and Teaching

More than 200 asana (Yoga Postures)
Kriya (Cleansing)
Pranayama (Breathing) practice
Meditation techniques
Body and asana alignments
Yoga Nidra
How to teach a beginner, intermediate and multi-level yoga class
Instructional cues, how to do asana adjustments for students
Guided instructions and techniques for the practice sequence
Conditional and systematic development of strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga Philosophy

Sanskrit terms and pronunciation
8 limbs of yoga
4 Paths of yoga
History of yoga development and evolution
Philosophy of yoga related to Yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads
Kundalini and Nadi
3 Guna: Sattvic, Rajasia, Tamasic

Anatomy and Physiology

Nutrition in reference to yoga and modern theory
Digestive system and yoga
Respiratory system
Cardiovascular system
Muscular System
Endocrine System
Planes of movement
Movement terminology
Application of anatomy knowledge in our yoga practice and teaching


25 days

Typical schedule:

Course work, practice and analysis

Mon to Fri: 7am to 1pm +  3 to 5pm (8hrs x 20 days = 160 hrs)

Teaching practice

Sat: 7am to 12pm (5hrs x 4 days = 20 hrs)


20 hrs: 1 hr daily

Total: 200hrs


Those keen on understanding postural alignments
Those keen to teach yoga or pursue a yoga career
Those who want to get an in-depth understanding of the science and philosophy of yoga
Fitness professionals who do not have a formal yoga certification
For anyone who wants to learn yoga


None at all  (For beginners, it is recommended that you attend at least 20 Yoga Classes at our school to get familiarised with the practice.)
No minimum or maximum weight or height
All can be taught

If you have any medical conditions, please email us to consult our Master Teachers prior to registration.

Embark your journey with us!