The Island of The Gods started as a holiday destination and became my home

Bali is a very special place, it’s place you have to feel with all of your senses to understand fully.

The daily offerings that bless doors and corners of each homestead seem to resonate in the vibrational energy of the air. Here it’s as if you can feel the prayers of gratitude kiss your skin as you go about your day. The heartfelt sincerity of thousands of prayers and blessing, hold your body close as you swan dive into a standing forward bend of ease into a heart opener.

I never feel alone in Bali, I always feel at home. The heart shinning smiles & cheeky grins break through any language barriers. I may not always understand what is being said to me, but the sincerity and welcoming generosity behind each communication is more tangible than any spoken word.

I travelled to Bali for the first time 15 months ago, to attend a Yoga Retreat that helped me shift from pain, confusion & heaviness into hope and healing. At the end of the retreat I left for Australia with a whisper of a vision that seemed too big to be real. The blessings of the gods must of sunk further than my skin and changed something within me, for my despite my belief that it wasn’t possible my vision came true.

Just 13 months later, I travelled back to Bali, this time to stay. I am now living my dream, working as a yoga teacher at the beautiful Santosha Villas by Tirisula Yoga, doing what I love with as much love as I can.